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Selasa, 27 September 2016

Nowadays more and more people who run a business from home. It cannot be denied the internet makes a lot of different things. People no longer have to come to work or to the company if want to work because they can work on at home as there are internet facilities.

Unfortunately, very many people are out of focus if working at home. For that, we need a way in order to increase work productivity at home. One of them by applying the design workspace at home. A comfortable working space with a design that is very functional effect on the productivity of work.

If you feel less good productivity when working at home, perhaps you need to design your workspace. Here are a few things you need to consider.

Not Facing The TV
Sometimes a TV show becomes a distraction or disturbance of sake that you did not focused on work. Therefore, we recommend that your desk doesn't make you overlook the TV. You can reposition the seat backs to work your TV. It would be better if there was no TV in the room work so that you are not persuaded to watch TV shows.

However, if your work is very in touch with the latest information broadcast through TV, then it is not wrong if Your sitting position facing the TV. To be sure, don't get TV shows makes you focus not working so the lower work productivity at home.

Overlooking the open space
Right now, it's no longer time to work with the facing wall. It used to be this way is indeed considered the most effective way to increase work productivity because it makes people more focus. However, in this way gives rise to bad consequences. People will be tired because of the long hours facing the wall.
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